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Heritage Advice

As a centre of religious heritage expertise, PARCUM offers specialist advice to the owners and managers of public and private patrimony from the recognised religions in Flanders and Brussels.

Our expertise

A future for your church building(s)

Formulate a church policy plan and reinterpret your building(s).

Managing your items

Inventorying and valuing your heritage collection.

Opening up your church building(s)

Make your church accessible outside the hours of worship

Safety and disasters

How do I protect my church building(s) against theft, fire, water, etc.? How do I draw up a disaster plan?

Practices and traditions

Ensure the future: breathe new life into your religious heritage traditions and practices

Religious heritage wanted

Are you searching for religious items to decorate your church or chapel? Take a look at our database.
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Examples of repurposed churches

Are you facing the challenge of repurposing your church? Whether you want to add an ancillary purpose or completely redefine your church’s function, you will find plenty of ideas and examples in our database. Get inspired!

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PARCUM wants to make the most of religious heritage. That is why we offer our support to everyone who has religious heritage issues or questions. Over the years, we have successfully assisted numerous administrators in the preservation and management of their heritage. Below are a number of our projects.

Do you have questions, or an idea for a project?

PARCUM actively participates in innovative religious-heritage projects. Send us your question or idea and we will contact you soon.