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A future for your church building(s)

Nowadays, churches are used less and less exclusively for worship. Church buildings are increasingly taking on other roles, becoming libraries, circus schools and even supermarkets, for instance. How exactly does this transformation work?

What is a Church Policy Plan?

Reconsidering the future of your church building(s) always begins with a church policy plan. In such a plan, the future of each church is determined in close consultation between the local municipal council and the church council, after which a plan is drawn up. Church councils or municipal councils must submit a church policy plan to qualify for grants for the restoration of church buildings.

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From church to...

The reinterpretation of a church building can go in any direction. There are multiple options. These may be of a limited or temporary nature, or be far-reaching and long-term. You may choose to retain the liturgical function and share the building. Or you may choose to repurpose your church and give it a completely new function.

How can we help?

Our heritage experts are happy to offer their assistance. We can help you to draw up a church policy plan and then to implement it.

Repurposing of churches databank

Moreover, we have more than a hundred inspiring examples to help you on your way. The examples in our database are only available in Dutch.