Parcum Dominorum


PARCUM is a Flemish Government recognised museum and centre of expertise for religious art and culture.

At PARCUM we believe that religious heritage can be a source of inspiration and an invitation to dialogue, for everyone.

Our advisers help local authorities and the heritage managers of the various faiths to give religious heritage a meaningful future. Churches, monasteries, religious artefacts and traditions can be a source of significance and inspiration for everyone. Thanks to our regional activities, we have a good overview of everything that is happening in the region.

Our museum exhibits the PARCUM and Park Abbey religious heritage collection. It also presents temporary thematic exhibitions at the confluence of religion, art and culture. These latter introduce us to the often unseen heritage of our churches, abbeys and monasteries. In today's multi-religious and highly diverse society, particular attention is paid here to promoting dialogue.

As well as managing and exhibiting our own religious heritage collection, we also carry out heritage research and play a key role in the overseeing of the religious heritage landscape.

Our primary aim is to identify and highlight every aspect of religious heritage. Together with all those involved, we therefore search for innovative, broad-based solutions.

We were founded in 1997 as a Centre for Religious Art and Culture (CRKC) by the Flemish dioceses, the Union of Flemish Monastics, the Association of Flemish Norbertine Abbeys and KU Leuven. Since then, we have built up a wealth of expertise in religious heritage management in Flanders and Brussels. Our renovated museum opened in 2017. CRKC and PARCUM merged together under one name in January 2020. We are located at Park Abbey, in Leuven.

Our partners

PARCUM is an initiative of the Flemish dioceses, the City of Leuven and KU Leuven, with the support of the Flemish government.

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