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Religious heritage wanted

Are you searching for religious items to decorate your church or chapel? Take a look at our database.

Supply & Demand

Due to the relocation, merging and closure of monasteries, much of Flanders’ religious heritage is becoming obsolete. With ‘Supply & Demand’ we search for a meaningful religious re-use for homeless items.

How does it work?

As a religious institution, you can request a user account. This account can then be used to search our database. The items on offer can only be consulted online. If you find an item you need to furnish your church or chapel, replace a stolen or damaged item, or use in your practices, contact us.

Offer an item yourself

Do you have religious items that are surplus to requirements? If so, send us a description and a clear photo of them. If your religious item is suitable, we will then include it in our offerings.