Managing your items

Inventorying and valuing your heritage collection

Inventorying, valuing and managing your heritage collection.

Your heritage collection contains a wealth of information. In order to access this information and make full use of it, you first have to know exactly what it is you are storing. It is therefore important to carry out a comprehensive heritage inventory. This inventory will then allow you to manage your heritage items efficiently, create exhibitions and decide if and when the collection should be moved. In this latter case, it is recommended that you first determine evaluation criteria and specify a standard evaluation process for your collection. That way you will know which items are of greatest importance.

Why a heritage inventory?

A heritage inventory is a fully documented overview of an institution’s movable heritage. It describes each of those heritage items in detail. Besides photos and close-up detail photos, the inventory description of each item lists its dimensions, manufacturer, date, style and other (art-)historical data.

An inventory offers a clear picture of your entire heritage collection. As such, it is indispensable to proper collection management. Moreover, under the stipulations of the decree that installed democratically elected church councils for all the recognised religions, church councils are legally obliged to keep such an inventory.

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Valuing, selecting and repurposing

What is worth keeping? Is this painting or statue valuable enough to warrant its restoration? Can disused ecclesiastical vestments still serve a useful purpose? Take the time to study and understand your collection. That way you will be able to make sound, well-founded decisions about its management and preservation.

Art historical and/or historical value are important, but they are not the only criteria. The significance of religious items to the local faith community and to the wider community also have to be considered.

Need help with your inventory?

It takes time to draw up a heritage inventory. It must not be rushed. Our heritage experts are happy to visit and offer you assistance in compiling it.

Need help with evaluating and repurposing?

It is not easy to evaluate and repurpose a collection. Together with you, we can set up a thorough evaluation process, from A to Z.