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Divine lightning. 900 years of the Norbertines

4.05.21 - 29.08.21

Extended until 29 August

In 2021 the Park Abbey fathers celebrate the 900th anniversary of their order: the Norbertines. The highlight of the planned celebrations is a major international exhibition about the life and work of the order

Permanent discoveries


This is not a collection

Taking a fresh and contemporary approach, PARCUM gives us a closer look at this multifaceted religious heritage. Masterpieces, exceptional items and everyday pieces are shown and will move you.

To be expected

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On the move

5.05.22 - 6.11.22

05.04.22 - 11.06.22

Join us on a journey along religious routes, meet holy companions and visit places of pilgrimage. This thematic exhibition sheds light on various aspects of being 'on the road' in religion.