To the table!

21.04.24 - 20.10.24

In the exhibition ‘To the table!’, PARCUM highlights the dietary laws, fasting practices and culinary traditions among Muslims, Jews and Christians. Join us at the table and discover the story behind matzes, the fight between Carnival and Lent and the meaning of the Zamzam water.

Permanent discoveries

Parcum Bliksem026 Cedric Verhelst

The heart of the abbey

Follow in the footsteps of the Norbertines and walk through the heart of the Park Abbey. Step by step you will discover the masterpieces and the long history of the abbey.

Zaalzicht lente

Beyond belief

In this exhibition you will discover that many contemporary idioms, symbols, holidays and customs are shaped by Christian traditions present in our region. Even when at first glance you would not connect them to religion at all.