Park Abbey is an exceptionally well preserved 12th-century heritage site. It is a monument with more than 900 years of history. From the arrival of the first Norbertines in 1129 until today. It is a place where religion, art and culture come together. The beating heart of this all: the monastery complex.

For centuries, the monastery was the exclusive domain of the fathers. But not any more! In recent years, the abbey has been restored with love and attention. Follow in the footsteps of the Norbertines and walk through Park Abbey’s historic rooms and spaces. Some of the monumental rooms are now accessible for the first time since their thorough restoration. Step by step you will discover the traces of the long history of the abbey. The showpieces of the abbey are the refectory and library with their 17th-century stucco ceilings, the cloister with its 20 virtuoso stained-glass panels and the abbot's residence from the 18th century.

Throughout the abbey route, you will learn more about the abbey and its inhabitants. How did the Norbertines live? How was their day organised? And what did an abbot do? A few masterpieces from the abbey's collection take you along in this story.

Discover the heart of this beautiful abbey!