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Everyone has a right to visit a museum! That is why we do everything we can to make our museum as accessible as possible. PARCUM is located in a historical monument. As a result, some areas may unfortunately still pose accessibility problems. To ensure that your visit runs smoothly, please contact us in advance if you anticipate any difficulties.

Less mobile visitors

  • Are you coming with a wheelchair? Wheelchair users can drive by car to the museum’s main entrance. The car may stay there for up to 15 minutes. Companions and/or carers should report to the reception counter to inform staff that they have to operate the wheelchair lift at the museum entrance.
  • All floors are accessible by lift. One room of the museum cannot be accessed by wheelchairs. We therefore provide additional information about the objects in this room. You can request this at the reception counter.
  • Not every corridor is wide enough for the larger electric wheelchair. Please contact us for more information concerning access.
  • There are benches in the museum. Portable folding stools are available on request from the reception counter.

People with hearing difficulties

  • Exhibition rooms are provided with room texts. There are no wall texts in our permanent exhibition. A catalogue with information about the exhibits can be purchased for 20 euros.
  • Exhibition rooms do not have the best acoustics. For the hard of hearing, guided tours may sometimes be difficult to follow. If you suffer from impaired hearing, mention this to your guide in advance. Try to stay as close as possible to your guide during the tour.