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25 October 2017 - 25 February 2018

Images of seclusion and liberation

Why would anyone withdraw themselves into a closed monastic community? What makes a person abandon the pleasures of the world and choose instead for a life governed by strict religious rules? Christianity has a long and rich tradition of men and women who choose a life of seclusion.

(Un)worldly introduces you to the hermits of the deserts, forests, mountains and cities, and to the monks, nuns and beguines of the monasteries, convents, abbeys and beguinages. These people are seekers, who embark on a quest to find themselves and to find God… But they are not rejecting the world, no, they are still very much of the world – their seclusion is a tool, a technique, a path… That physical restriction helps them to focus on spiritual liberation and thus to find a way from this world to the next, a path to God. And along that path, images play an important role.