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An eternal gaze

15 October 2021 - 16 January 2022

The exhibtion 'An eternal gaze' explores our human desire to understand the world, and our place in it. With religious heritage as a guide, the exhibition deals with stories of creation, transience and hope.

Where do we come from? What are we doing here and where are we going? The riddle of our origins, the question of the meaning of life and the mystery of our final destination are as old as mankind. The answers we formulate give us something to hold on to. They help us to get a grip on the incomprehensible and the intangible. They give us a place in an infinitely greater cosmological story.


'An eternal gaze' examines how religion in all its diversity approaches these questions of life and the meaning-giving role that religious heritage fulfils therein. The objects in the exhibition illustrate human's constant need to shape the world and the cosmos.

Yet it also becomes clear that the explanations religion provides lead to new questions. For can we really get a grip on our existence? And even more so: do we really want to unravel the mystery?

Contemporary reflections

For this exhibition PARCUM cooperates with the Dutch writer Marjolijn van Heemstra. Marjolijn enters into a dialogue with the objects and themes in the exhibition. With sharp reflections linked to current issues, she considers the human world view and the transience of mankind. Her reflections can be heard in the exhibition.

Marjolijn studied theology. Currently she works as a poet, writer, theatre maker, journalist and podcast maker. Since 2019 she has been writing for 'De Correspondent' on how space can help us look at the earth differently.

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BANG! Big Bang city festival

This exhibition is part of the Leuven city festival BOUM!. It’s no small wonder that Leuven has made the Big Bang the theme of its sensational city festival. In 1931, Georges Lemaître introduced his revolutionary theory of the primaeval atom and the expanding universe. BANG! sucks you into a sensory journey through how the Big Bang continues to inspire art and science today. Enjoy music, exhibitions, events, and everything that makes life BANG! exciting!

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On the move

5.05.22 - 6.11.22

Join us on a journey along religious routes, meet holy companions and visit places of pilgrimage. This thematic exhibition sheds light on various aspects of being 'on the road' in religion.