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Religion. Healing. Dividing

8 November 2018 - 24 April 2019

Peace is the heart of almost every religion. And yet countless wars are waged in the name of God. Religion reconciles, but it also creates conflict.

Although World War I was actually sparked by religion, religion was never far away. The problematic relationship between war and peace and religion has echoed through the ages. With this exhibition, PARCUM explores that delicate relationship and examines the importance of religion in both conflict and reconciliation.

Religion. Healing. Dividing presented a broader picture of the problematic issues of war, peace and religion, and encouraged visitors to reflect on them. What is the meaning of religion in times of conflict and reconciliation? How does it affect the way people experience faith? And what is the impact on the arts? The exhibition offered no immediate answers. Instead it seeked to stimulate reflection on the significance of religion and ideology in today’s modern, pluralistic society.

This exhibition displayed historical cultural objects from religious collections and museums, next to contemporary art. Work of the internationally renowned artists Yael Bartana, Michael Rakowitz and Wael Shawky was at view.