16 December 2022 - 26 March 2023

Patrick Van Caeckenbergh - Isolation and Story Sharing

A house is more than just a pile of bricks. A town is more than just a collection of street names. Emotional experiences are later magnified by the glasses of nostalgia. And so what does that entail for a visual artist? To what extent is the atmosphere of those places embodied in their works? In 'Fragile' Patrick Van Caeckenbergh takes us back to his Sint-Kornelis-Horebeke. The exhibition walks us through the history of that tiny parish community, introducing us to its inhabitants, their petites histoires and the hidden splendour of it all.

Delving into his life and environment with unbridled curiosity, multifaceted artist-bricoleur Van Caeckenbergh has been creating the most wonderful works for decades. In 1997 he and his family settled in the tiny East Flemish village of Sint-Kornelis-Horebeke. That move from urban hustle and bustle to the gentle flow of this rural microcosm opened up a new world to Van Caeckenbergh. ‘Fragile’ commences with installations that testify to this isolation and to living and working in the seclusion of a small community.

Van Caeckenbergh brings order to a jumble of stories. His creations take us into a parallel world, embellished with age-old fairy tales and local folklore. Autobiographical everyday details are transplanted into a highly personal and structured universe.

Among other works, the exhibition brings us ‘De Smartlappen’, ‘Coiffe Tricoter’ and a Patrick Van Caeckenbergh self-portrait.

Back to Sint-Kornelis-Horebeke

Especially for ‘Fragile’, Van Caeckenbergh returns Sint-Kornelis-Horebeke, compiling works he created there both with and for the community. They are modest little histories, postcards and souvenirs of days gone by. This exhibition thus brings together works that have never before been shown to the general public. For the very first time, they are leaving their safe haven to be given a place of honour in this exhibition. Each and every one of the exhibited objects is a testament to how Van Caeckenbergh integrated himself into village life and the local community.

The focus exhibition 'Fragile' opens on 16 December, 2022 and runs until 26 February, 2023.

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