This is not a collection

Permanent exhibition

A child Jesus that moves, spiritual medicines, liturgical toys... Over the centuries, people have expressed their faith in various ways, trying to make the intangible tangible. The resulting heritage is highly diverse. 

Taking a fresh and contemporary approach, PARCUM gives us a closer look at this multifaceted religious heritage. Masterpieces, exceptional items and everyday pieces are shown and will move you. 

With This is not a collection PARCUM questions its own collection and how it is compiled. This heritage tells our story. Does it not then belong to all of us? And what does the future hold for the religious heritage of Flanders? A collection is never complete; it grows and it evolves, in constant dialogue with those who view and use it.

PARCUM cares for its own collection, but it also cares a great deal about religious heritage in general. This is not a collection presents a selection of the heritage items PARCUM cherishes, both inside and outside the museum walls.